Permethrin for Scabies

Ohhh, scabies… I’d only wish them on my worst enemy.

I had this horrid parasite recently, and I can tell you after hours and hours and hours of scouring the internet for remedies (and horror stories!), the two most effective treatments are Permethrin Cream and Oral Ivermectin.

Most doctors won’t provide the Ivermectin in the US for whatever reason, but I was able to obtain the version given to horses. These are readily available at your local feed store, and also relatively cheap.

Permethrin Cream, however, has to be prescribed by a doctor. Some people will say you can get it online, but I’ve never been able to find it.

You’re not supposed to take Ivermectin made for horses according to their label but I took it and it worked like a charm. The cream kills the eggs (which the ivermectin cannot) and the Ivermectin kills the actual adult parasites by paralyzing them.


The cream must be applied head to toe, preferably before bed and after you’ve showered. Do not forget to apply the cream to your scalp as well, as many people overlook this area and they can infest your scalp, despite what others say. Any area you leave untouched will become a breeding ground for survivors and the whole process will start all over again. Yes, that means between your toes and fingers and around the genital area/buttocks as well.

You have to repeat treatments after a week (I did this 3 times, but I don’t suggest that. 2 times in sufficient enough given that the oral medication is actually for horses and the permetherin cream is literally part insecticide). This is because if you miss any spot on your body, you could miss an egg or adult. If the egg hatches, they will still wreak havoc and the process will start all over again. If you miss an adult, same thing. They just reinfest you.


You must also thoroughly clean your carpets and any upholstery that you or your animals use. Use the hottest setting on the washer and dryer as heat kills them. Wash your blankets every day. DO NOT re-wear clothes or re-use towels/linens. Many people claim that you cannot get scabies from animals and vice versa, but in my experience, the opposite is true – The infestation in my house started with my cat, spread to me, then my dog. Somehow, magically, my eight year old daughter was spared, but we still had to treat her since it is recommended that all family members and pets be treated. (The treatments for pets are different, however.)

Also, don’t forget, you itch for weeks after treatment. Do not assume that just because you are itchy that you have not succeeded in eradicating the infection. My itchiness continued on for 4 weeks after I was certain I was done with them.

Some people will say that you are itchy because of their bites – That is actually not true at all. The itching is an autoimmune response to the parasites living underneath your skin. Some people don’t know they are infected for months because the body’s autoimmune AKA itchy response isn’t even triggered right away, especially if it’s your first time.

P.S. There is SOOOOO much misinformation regarding Scabies, even in the medical community. If you have questions, your best bet is to try and speak with someone who has actually had them before.